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Simply fill out this form and we'll schedule an appointment for you to take your complementary evaluation!

Oleg and Tatiana are excellent teachers - full of energy and passion, extremely talented, creative, dedicated, and work very hard to make sure their students have a wonderful dance experience. With each lesson or class, I leave with a greater sense of accomplishment, self-confidence, achievement, and appreciation for ballroom dancing – and I have fun!!

- Marianne Wood

I drive 3-4+ hours (back & forth) to take lessons with Oleg and Tatiana: they are certainly worth the time. Oleg is so kind and patient teaching good fundamentals techniques. You can’t help but evolve into a better dancer when you take lessons with them. Thank you Oleg & Tatiana, for yesterday, today and tomorrow!

- Karen Oshiro

Oleg Suvorov is a superb ballroom dance teacher. He explains clearly and is encouraging and inspirational. In 11 years of lessons, I have learned an incredible amount and have never been bored.

- Patricia Rosenblad

Since 2005 I have been privileged to study with Tatiana and Oleg, whose encyclopedic knowledge of dancing, skillful and patient instruction, and high level of competitive achievement combine to produce an unforgettable experience. In my opinion, whether the goal is social or competitive dancing, the student will find no better guides to these enchanting and intoxicating worlds (of dance) than Tatiana and Oleg.

- Bob Williams

In my opinion, Oleg Suvorov was one of the best dance teachers that I have ever had. Although my mom had to drive a long way, the classes were still totally worth it.  Since I started with Oleg, my introduction to ballroom dancing was an exciting thing to do.  Oleg was an excellent teacher and I caught on to the dances very easily.  He taught me pretty much everything I know.

- Lara Inomoto

Tatiana and Oleg provide individual approach even to group class students. Best prices in town for their group lessons for kids. And that showcase was a blast - my kids were talking about it for months.

- Irina Inomoto