Oleg Suvorov

Oleg Suvorov, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, discovered an aptitude for ballroom dance when his mother enrolled him in lessons at the age of 7. During his youth ballroom career, he won city and regional dance competitions and was a finalist at the national level. Oleg moved to the United States in 1991 bringing his skills as both a performer and instructor with him. 1993 marked the official beginning of Oleg’s competitive professional career and he won several Rising Star events. In 1996 Oleg teamed up with Tatiana Pavlova and together they achieved great success, winning many events – most notably the National Professional Rising Star Championships in 1999. In 2005, both Oleg and Tatiana decided to shift the focus from their pro career to teaching and competing in Pro/Am events with students. Teaching has been Oleg’s passion ever since.

Tatiana Pavlova

Tatiana Pavlova also began her dance career at age 7 in St. Petersburg, Russia where she quickly excelled in ballroom dancing on a local level. At the age of 16 she moved to Moscow where her competitive dance career started to take shape. She was selected as the Russian representative to the World and European Dance Championships and was a finalist twice in the “World Cup” (Standard category). She was a finalist in open dance championships in Holland, Denmark, Norway and Italy and the winner of the “Grand Prix” dance series in Russia, all at a very young age. In 1996, after competing in America for the first time, She decided that California would be her new home. During that year she teamed up with Oleg Suvorov and together they reached the pinnacle of their professional careers. Tatiana’s love of ballroom dance shines through in her teaching. She created the first Russian instructional dance video series “Line of Dance”. She was also a co-founder of dance sport center “Reverence” and a co-organizer of International dance congress. For all of her achievements, Tatiana was awarded the title of “Star of National Russian Dance Sport” in 1998.

“I love teaching dance because movement is life!” -Tatiana
“At this point in my life, I can’t imagine doing anything else. Teaching dance is one of the few professions where you can impact someone’s life, whether they are 5 or 85. It is a great joy for me.” – Oleg
“Turning our experience into your Confi-Dance!” Since 1996.