“Ugly Holiday Sweater” Team Match, Dance All You Can

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Dance All You Can, Team Match, December 1, 2017!

Team Match is a great way to improve confidence in your dancing & performance skills while having tons of fun!

Being part of a Team Match will challenge and prepare you as a dancer to get the absolute best, personal results possible in a short amount of time.

During a Team Match, you and, either your instructor or partner, will have the opportunity to compete against your peers (other students in your age range, skill level, and style).  You can do as few or as many entries, in any style as you’d like.  Team Match is done “in-house” here at Dance All You Can and is, not only a great way to improve your dancing, but is also a fun, energetic, social experience.

So don’t miss out! You too can be a part of our Team Match which is held 3 times per year, improve your dancing and have a ton of fun in the process!

Just ask your instructor or any staff member and you will be on your way to becoming the best dancer you can be!

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