5 Tips To Supercharge Your New Dance Lessons

Summer is a time of revival. People shed their winter coats, get spray tans, and hit the beach. It’s at this time that people also tend to try out new hobbies. Scrapbooking, singing, ukulele, why not dance? There are an endless number of benefits to taking dance lessons, which would take a whole separate blog post to list. Once you find a studio near you, getting started is simple. Sign up for a few lessons, meet the other students, move a little, all is well. The challenging part, as we all know, is sticking with it. You hit that first speed bump and want to throw in the towel. Read on to learn how to deal with those speed bumps and keep on dancing!

Get Back On The Horse

The second you feel as though this dancing thing isn’t for you, erase that thought from your head completely. In the words of modern dance pioneer Alvin Ailey, “Dance is for everybody”. A studio is a place to learn and grow, not a place to show off and be perfect. Every other student in there is doing the same thing as you- learning how to dance! No one cares if you stepped on your partner’s foot that one night, we’ve all done that! Allow yourself to make mistakes, and don’t blow them out of proportion.

Use Your Tunnel Vision

This may sound counterintuitive, but trust me. Nothing good has ever come from comparing oneself to those around them. For all you know, that 90-year-old man kicking ass at the cha cha may have been practicing for half a century. That woman who can lift her leg over her head might have hyper flexibility. Taking dance lessons is a unique experience. Everyone learns in their own way at their own pace.

Mix It Up

The industry of teaching people to dance has been around for centuries, meaning we’ve worked out all the kinks. All the activities we offer will make you a better dancer, so use them! Group classes teach you to lead and follow, and practice parties are designed to help you relax. The more you switch up your dancing environment, the more prepared you will be for the real world. Best of all, your instructor will always be in the room to answer any questions you have.

Dance Around

Many students take dance lessons from more than one instructor at a time, and it only helps them grow more. Getting confused by the way your current instructor explains things is a sign to ask another teacher the same question. This will NOT offend your current instructor. Again, everyone at the studio wants you to do your best. Most studios in fact encourage you to switch teachers every once in a while, just to get a new perspective on things. Also play to all the instructors’ strengths. If you are a single woman with a male instructor for example, try going to a female teacher for some tips on feminine arm styling.

Take Note

Keeping a journal is a great way to stay on track. At the end of every lesson, jot down a few key points you went over, or write down the correction your instructor was giving you the most. Prioritize a few goals to avoid getting overwhelmed. Occasionally look back on your notes to see how you have improved. Over time you will notice your goals getting more complex, which is a great validation of progress. Make it a habit to write on your journal every day you dance, and eventually you will be able to do so without a second thought.

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