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At DAYC whether beginner or a seasoned dancer, you are always welcome to a dance party. We play all kinds of music to accommodate any style of dance. We love taking requests from our dancers. By yourself or with a partner there is always someone to dance with.

With the help of our practice parties you will:

  • Build a great deal of CONFI-DANCE™
  • Sharpen your Lead and Follow skills
  • Practice your newly learned dances and moves in a positive atmosphere under the supervision of your favorite instructor
  • Exercise your Mind, Body and Soul.

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Every Friday night following the line dance group class, we turn the lights down, music volume up and hit the dance floor! We practice partying!

  • Our Friday night practice dance parties  are a fun and important part of your entire learning experience!
  • As we simulate real world experience you have the opportunity to dress up, meet new friends and become confident in any dance situation.
  • The parties are offered to all clients of DAYC enrolled in the SocialCONFI-DANCE™ program.
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On the third Sunday of every month from 6 to 8pm, we host Mike Sharp and his Balboa Brass, one of OC’s premier bands.

In our opinion they are just the best you can find!

  • Have you ever enjoyed dancing to a live band?
  • Have you ever heard the sound of Balboa Brass?
  • Have you ever experienced a dance party at DAYC?

Well, here is an opportunity not to be missed! Only $25 at the door, $20 in advance per person. Come and dance the night away with us.

What could be a better way of starting your week?

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Hear what real students have to say about Dance All You Can and our dance program.


Famous celebrity dance champions, the owners of the studio are experts in all aspects of Ballroom dance. The studio is very comfortable, safe, and intimate. The owners/instructors and students are fun and very friendly.

Student body ranges from beginners to serious competitors. A lot of wedding dance customers seem to return after their weddings and become regulars.

Love this studio!

- Marc R.


Decided to come in for a free group dance class, then stayed for another free private lesson with Oleg. My date and I have ZERO dance experience but want to be able to two step on the dance floor.  Oleg gave so much guidance. He worked with each of us one on one and critiqued as we went.

-Heidi D.


My now husband purchased dance lessons for my birthday in the spring of 2020. It was my dream to learn before our wedding in June.  Oleg was great at communicating to us the whole time. Oleg was professional and knowledgeable. We're no expert dancers (never taken a lesson) and Oleg quickly realized what was best for us to learn in the time we had. 

-Sarah T.


My wife and I don't want to be competitive dancers.  We love to dance together and just want to look good on the dance floor together. Oleg and Tatiana are working with us on the club versions of each dance. It's perfect for what we want to do.

- Brian A.


My fiance and I heard about DAYC and since my fiance and I were born with "2 left feet," we decided to come in for a FREE session. 

After the free session was over, we went over their pricing structure and what each package/session included. You'd be surprised with all the features in each package. We definitely got our money's worth. It was totally worth the investment! No matter your budget, DAYC has something for you!

-Daniel D.

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