Date Night Is Here To Save You Overworked Parents!

Parenthood is a never-ending journey. Yet most parents agree that the first ten years are the hardest. Children need around-the-clock supervision, and many parents find it hard to leave their kids in the care of a babysitter. What’s the result? Two adult humans deprived of sleep, excitement, and sanity. If any of the following scenarios apply to you, you are in dire need of a date night.

Reasons You Need A Date Night

You’ve worn a fuzzy robe in the last 24 hours– Exchange your school-drop-off-line uniform for a fun line-dance ensemble! Reclaim your style!

You’ve only been conversing with people who come up to your hip- We will answer you the first time. Always.

You’ve recently been used as a human Kleenex- Not only will we not blow our nose on your shirt, we will offer you one should you sneeze.

You’ve accidentally called your partner by your child’s/pet’s name- If you can’t remember who’s who anymore, come see us and reconnect. It’s incredible what can happen when you spend 45 minutes together without distractions.

You’ve run out of things to binge on Netflix- If there’s a permanent butt-print on your end of the couch, it’s time to get out of the house.

You’ve lost your phone or its been dropped in the toilet/bathtub/washing machine- We all know it’s unhealthy to be addicted to those things anyway. Come over and unplug for a little while, or kill some time while your phone’s being repaired.

You’ve been singing Moana and Frozen songs, but not in an ironic way- This needs no explanation. Remember classic rock anthems? We got those.

You’ve been dying to talk about your day- Do your kids ever ask how your day went? Neither do ours. We are aways happy to hear what you’ve been up to.

What Do I Do Now?

If any (or all) of the above scenarios apply to you, you have come to the right blog post. Dance All You Can is one of the top social dance studios in the county. What’s social dance? Dancing with a partner in a casual, public setting. What dances are considered social? The list is endless- swing, salsa, country, rumba, you name it! Stop stirring that Kraft mac-n-cheese right now and give us call. Send us an e-mail S.O.S. while your kids are napping. Or just drop by while your kids are at soccer practice! We are here for you! Here’s our website’s contact page.

Never taken dance lessons before? Read this quick article on dance etiquette.

And that’s it! You are officially en route to regaining your social life! GO YOU!