Orange County Youth Dance Programs

Let Your Child Try Out A Class For Free!

    Age Of The Child
    Charter School

    Give your child a Hobby for life!

    The classes are offered on Wednesdays at 11am for the kids of 10 and younger. Great for home schooled children! 12 pm for 11 and older. No partner is necessary.

    DAYC Youth Program helps teach kids valuable skills that will benefit them for life.

    Ballroom Dancing is a fun and great way for children to keep healthy, both physically and cognitively.

    • Impress friends and family with the COOL DANCE MOVES
    • Develop grace balance and coordination
    • Meet new friends and gain confidence
    • Have FUN learning to move to the music

    Learning to dance:

    • in a healthy, creative environment
    • expands imaginations 
    • teaches kids the art of movement
    • builds self-esteem
    • boosts self-confidence,
    • promotes self-discipline
    • establishes a sense of teamwork,
    • exemplifies cooperation and respect for the opposite gender.

    The skills learned from dancing will put them at ease in any social event in their lives. They will learn basic dance principles and become familiar with many dance styles.