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Hello and Wellcome to Dance All You Can! the DANCIEST PLACE AROUND!!!

By becoming a member you will be able to enjoy the many benefits offered at DAYC. 

In addition to providing our members with a superior level of dance instruction, we DELIVER THE HIGHEST level of customer service found anywhere in our industry.

  1. Congratulations on having made the wisest decision of your dancing life. It is official, you have taken the hardest step! Let us assure you that from now on everything in learning to dance will only be easier and more fun. In order for us to provide you with the greatest experience at DAYC please review our policies. By clicking on a YES box next to all of the important points, you will help us to make sure that you are provided the most appropriate level of service.
  1. By enrolling and participating in any of the activities offered at DAYC you automatically become a member. There are no additional fees to register. As a member you are able to receive all and any promotional offers and programs, discuss pricing, payment options, give input  (your opinion matters).  As a member, you are always in the KNOW on all of our promotions, new activities and events. 

Services offered…..

Free Introductory Private lesson-

Available to any individual or couple within a 10 mile radius of 92708. 

It consists of a short in person pre-chat designed to clarify the individual’s goals, followed by a brief private lesson in a dance of your choice. It is concluded with a concise presentation of various programs, packages and options of joining DAYC, as well as the benefits of doing so. 

Benefits of a Free Intro Lesson

  • One on One evaluation of your natural ability in learning to dance.
  • Best way to find out if dancing is for you
  • No strings attached

Regular Private Lessons-

Are a core of your learning experience. The entire approach is customized to fit your unique learning style, availability, and any special conditions. We will accommodate your dance    ambitions, budget and time. By yourself or with a partner, you will have the undivided attention of your instructor for the entire duration of the lesson. 

Private lessons are 45 minutes long. We will schedule your lessons around your time and availability and as close together as your unique goals require.

Private lessons help you get an in-depth knowledge of dances, musicality, lead and follow. 

Once the lesson is scheduled we require a 24 hour cancelation notice. To avoid being charged  a late fee or a no-show, we require a make up lesson. Either on a different day in the same week or an additional lesson the following week. A make up lesson is scheduled in addition to the next week’s lesson and not instead of it.

Benefits  of private lessons   

  • Everything about this experience is customizable 
  • You will have the personal and undivided attention of your instructor.
  • You and your instructor will be able to create your own program. 


Exclusively or as a great supplement to your private lessons, group classes are offered at different levels to improve your skills across numerous dances. We will assess your skill level and recommend a class that suits you best. 

Our Monday and Wednesday drop-in classes are beginner friendly and rotate weekly. No prior or further commitment necessary. These classes are designed for anyone with zero experience, as well as for those who have danced for a few months as we go over some of the most important fundamentals of the dance.

Tuesday and Thursday progressive series classes allow you to focus on one dance for an entire month. You will learn a special routine that you can comfortably dance by the end of the series.We recommended you attend the entire course to best benefit from this class.

And, not to forget one of the most favorite classes we offer is a Line-Dance class on Friday night. Offered in a beginner friendly format, these dances are easy to learn.

Have fun, meet new people and exercise your MIND, BODY and SOUL!!! 

Benefits of group classes

In addition to learning the content of a class, you will also be practicing most of the basic fundamentals that are shared in many dances. 

A great social experience whether you are a couple or a single dancer. 

At DAYC, we believe you benefit by rotating partners during class; however, a couple will not have to do so until comfortable with the idea. 

Those of you who come alone or with a partner and don’t mind rotating, will get to dance with different partners as well as with the instructor. 

Any beginner friendly class is available to anyone to come and try for free for the first time.


Are the “cherry on top” of your private lessons and group classes. 

Offered every  Friday night  following the end of the group class from 7:45-9:00pm, come and practice your dance skills in a social setting. 

Ask your instructor for details on the rotating party theme.

Practice party simulates the real world social dance experience and help you build a ton of CONFI-DANCE.

Benefits of DAYC dance parties 

During our Friday Night parties we do not only PRACTICE PARTYING, we also simulate a real world’s atmosphere that you may encounter almost anywhere you go. Night Club, Wedding, Corporate Event, Jazz Lounge, Country Bar, Barbecue Party, Cruise….. the list goes on and on. Practice in a pleasant environment or just dance the night away with your favorite crowd.

By the way, did we mention that all of our parties are themed?

  • First Friday of the month is a Birthday party(we enjoy a quick cake with candles and a “happy birthday to you”).Then we dance the night away.
  • Second Friday is a guest party. Best night to bring a guest or to be a guest. Both, a group Class and a Party are free to a guest. We have a toast of champagne before we go Into a party and during the party we present you with a cool mini sketch called evolution of a dancer. We present your friend with an opportunity to join DAYC. You as a sponsor will receive some bonus gifts in the event if your guest will enroll.”). 
  • Third Friday is potluck. Thats right. Not only do you get to dance with some of the coolest dancers in town, but you will also get to impress and be impressed with some of our gastronomic delights. 
  • Fourth Friday night is alway a spot light dance. This is where you get to see and be seen on the dance floor. Some of our dancers participate because they love showing off, other because it helps their CONFI-DANCE. We don’t know which category you will fall into that’s why we will invite you to spectate first.  

Social Confi - Dance Program 

Our Social Confi - DanceTM program is what’s going to turn you into the best dancer that you can be in the shortest amount of time, most efficiently, while having a ton of fun.

In the Social Confi-Dance program you may take advantage of some group classes and dance parties. They can be a great supplement to your private lessons.

The secret is in the custom approach that we take with every individual or a couple. Using private lessons as the main tool we will help you achieve any goal no mater how wild or unimaginable it may seem to you. We will most likely recommend a supplement of some group classes and dance parties. How ever in many cases great results may be achieved with only the private lessons. 

Private lesson Add- Ons

Coaching lesson: Used to prepare for special events, such as competitions and showcases or sometimes taken on the regular basis. In addition to your instructor, your coach gives insight on your partnering, styling and choreography. Both the coach and instructor are compensated in these lessons. 

Split lesson: 

Beneficial to couples who want to focus on their own individual skills, goals and styling, such as leading and following. Two instructors are present and are compensated as a means of giving one on one time with each of the partners.

Bonus Lesson:

Is a gift, earned from referring a new studio member, raffle prize or participating in a special event. The bonus lesson is to be used in addition to your regularly scheduled lesson and not to replace it.

Studio Etiquette

Arrive on time

We suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This allows you enough time to get ready for your lesson and derive most of the benefits. Tardiness will result in a shorter lesson.

Floor Time

As a member of DAYC you are always invited to come 5-10 minutes prior to your private lesson and a group Classe so you can change your shoes, warm up, take care of the payment if necessary, etc…We also encourage you to stay 5-10 minutes after any lesson or group class to practice and review some of the important details just learned. 

Dress code
At DAYC, we do not enforce a dress code per se, however we will encourage our students to dress rather up than down. Please consider putting something on that will allow you to move as freely and comfortably as possible in any dance.


Our studio features the finest dance floor in the area. Dance shoes with suede soles or non marking street shoes may be worn. In addition we would appreciate our students not using any substance such as oil, baby powder, water, etc.

DAYC Payment Policy

All services are prepaid upon your enrollment. 

Instructor assignment

All instructors employed by DAYC are qualified and continue ongoing training in all of the important aspects of teaching, demonstrating and executing any dance. We will assess your style preference and level of your natural skill as we assign an instructor for you. Even though initially we assign an instructor based on their availability, we will be hands on with the entire process of your learning. Should it turn out that you and  your instructor are not connecting, we will gladly assign a different instructor. In addition, we implement a BUDDY system. This is where we will always assign a secondary instructor in addition to your KEY instructor. This approach allows us to always have a back up teacher in a case your key instructor is unavailable. Plus we have learned that multiple influences enhance your learning and make it more enjoyable.  

24 Hour Cancellation Policy   

We rely on your timeliness in our efforts of keeping our instructors busy. Our instructors are assigned to your lesson as soon as a lesson is scheduled. The time assigned is kept yours unless you cancel 24 hours or more prior to the assigned time. Cancelling at the last minute, forgetting or not showing up, takes away other student’s opportunity for a lesson and makes instructors loose valuable time. If the scheduled lesson does not take place without proper cancelation or rescheduling, we require a make up lesson before the end of the week in which it was scheduled or taking and extra lesson in addition to your regularly scheduled lesson the following week.

Arriving on time and on schedule help us achieve all of the results that were projected at the time of your enrollment.  

DAYC Extra Curricular Activities

Medal Ball

Just like the system of belts in the world of martial arts, we implement a medal system,  which allows you to progress through various levels of competency, such as Bronze, Silver and Gold. Every four to six months we host an exam that allows a student to progress on to the next level in learning to dance. Medal Balls are held in a light atmosphere, followed by fun party. We celebrate your learning. Therefore we call it MEDAL-BALL


In addition to your private lessons and group classes, from time to time we will invite you to participate in a workshop. This is where we get to dig a bit deeper into a particular dance or an aspect of dance. 

Team Match

Our team match events are offered 2-3 times  a year. It provides a dancer with a mini version of a dance competition designed to give you a taste of performing in a friendly atmosphere at the studio, in front of friends and family. 

Show Case

An awesome opportunity to show off your unique vision of a particular dance performed to a special song of your choice in the setting of a themed production. 


Although it is industry practice to not display prices and packages, we will gladly discuss it in person. We are so confident in our programs and style of teaching, that we offer a free introductory private lesson to anyone to see the benefits of joining DAYC. 

DAYC Promise

At Dance All You Can we strive to make every dance experience an unforgettable and pleasant one. We will turn you into the best dancer that you can be in the shortest, most efficient and fun way. Should you ever not enjoy your experience with any of the activities that DAYC offers, please inform us ASAP on the details of your experience, and give us a chance to make it up by offering you another type of activity of  the same or grater value.

Sharing is Caring

At DAYC our goal is to spread the joy of dancing amongst the greatest number of dance enthusiasts possible.

We assume by your attendance and membership with our studio that you are having the time of your life! Wouldn’t it be even better to share it with your friends and family, colleagues and neighbors? A referral is our biggest compliment. We would love to expand our studio! 

Any guest you refer to the studio who becomes a new member qualifies you for a free BONUS lesson! 

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Let’s Dance All We Can!  

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