Private Lessons

most efficient way of learning to dance

Private lessons are the core of your learning experience. Everything about your private lessons is customized to accommodate your unique goals, needs, special conditions and preferred style of learning. Your lessons are scheduled around your availability.

Private lessons could be used solely or as apart of various programs and packages.

  • You’l be able to learn at your own pace.
  • You will have the personal and undivided attention of your instructor.
  • Various packages are available including a pay as you go and membership approach.

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MOST POPULAR way of starting

Consists of a short in person pre-chat designed to clarify the individual’s goals, followed by a brief private lesson in a dance of your choice. It is concluded with a concise presentation of various programs, packages and options of joining DAYC, as well as the benefits of doing so.

  • One on One evaluation of your natural ability in learning to dance.
  • Best way to find out if dancing is for you
  • No strings attached
  • We will discuss all of your options and make our recommendations in a phone conversation or immediately following the end of your free introductory lesson.
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Regular private lessons

Completeley Customizable experience

Individual Dancers or Couples are welcome. Private lesson are used solely or as a part of various programs and packages. Individual dancers and couples are welcome. Your private lessons insure the fastest, most efficient and comfortable way of reaching all and any of your dancing goals

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Date Night

A Great New Experience

When a beach walk, a dinner or a trip to the movies does not excite you and your mate anymore consider a DANCE LESSON.

  • Both you and your partner will be glad you did.
  • Learn a new popular dance or brush up on an old favorite one.
  • At DAYC it is always fun.
  • Only $50.
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Hear what real students have to say about Dance All You Can and our dance program.


Famous celebrity dance champions, the owners of the studio are experts in all aspects of Ballroom dance. The studio is very comfortable, safe, and intimate. The owners/instructors and students are fun and very friendly.

Student body ranges from beginners to serious competitors. A lot of wedding dance customers seem to return after their weddings and become regulars.

Love this studio!

- Marc R.


Decided to come in for a free group dance class, then stayed for another free private lesson with Oleg. My date and I have ZERO dance experience but want to be able to two step on the dance floor.  Oleg gave so much guidance. He worked with each of us one on one and critiqued as we went.

-Heidi D.


My now husband purchased dance lessons for my birthday in the spring of 2020. It was my dream to learn before our wedding in June.  Oleg was great at communicating to us the whole time. Oleg was professional and knowledgeable. We're no expert dancers (never taken a lesson) and Oleg quickly realized what was best for us to learn in the time we had. 

-Sarah T.


My wife and I don't want to be competitive dancers.  We love to dance together and just want to look good on the dance floor together. Oleg and Tatiana are working with us on the club versions of each dance. It's perfect for what we want to do.

- Brian A.


My fiance and I heard about DAYC and since my fiance and I were born with "2 left feet," we decided to come in for a FREE session. 

After the free session was over, we went over their pricing structure and what each package/session included. You'd be surprised with all the features in each package. We definitely got our money's worth. It was totally worth the investment! No matter your budget, DAYC has something for you!

-Daniel D.

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