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Date Night Is Here To Save You Overworked Parents!

Parenthood is a never-ending journey. Yet most parents agree that the first ten years are the hardest. Children need around-the-clock supervision, and many parents find it hard to leave their kids in the care of a babysitter. What’s the result? Two adult humans deprived of sleep, excitement, and sanity. If any of the following scenarios apply to you, you are
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Ballroom Dance Is Just Like Golf, Here’s Why

During your first ballroom lesson, your instructor will say it’s just like learning any new skill. And they’re correct. You’d be surprised at the similarities between learning a box and picking up a club. Take a look below. Ballroom Studio = Putting Green Everyone can dance, but only a brave few take lessons to polish this talent. The same goes
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5 Tips To Supercharge Your New Dance Lessons

Summer is a time of revival. People shed their winter coats, get spray tans, and hit the beach. It’s at this time that people also tend to try out new hobbies. Scrapbooking, singing, ukulele, why not dance? There are an endless number of benefits to taking dance lessons, which would take a whole separate blog post to list. Once you
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Kids Dance Classes Now Available!

Give Your Child A Hobby For Life! Expose your child to the wonders of ballroom by enrolling them in our brand-new kids dance classes! Summer has arrived, which makes this the perfect opportunity to keep your kids active and stimulated while away from school. Cheaper and closer than summer camp, ballroom lessons will teach your child skills they can carry
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5 Facts You May Not Have Known About the Great Fred Astaire

As children, Fred and sister Adele were exploited financially by their mother Johanna to move out of Omaha, Nebraska. As a result, Fred refused to take dance lessons. Fred often wore a top hat during his vaudeville performances with his sister to make him seem taller, for Adele quickly gained three inches on him. Adele was also considered the more