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What To Know Before You Go Social Dancing

You’ve always heard about it- social dancing. But what is it exactly? Dancing in a social environment? Acting social while you’re dancing? Engaging in social networking after dancing? Well, it’s all of those things really. Any situation in which you are dancing with or without a partner for pure fun and enjoyment can be considered social dancing. Read on to
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Dance for Clean Water Fundraiser

Everyone deserves access to clean water, and we at Dance All You Can want to help make that dream a reality. On Saturday April 21st, we will be hosting a fundraiser in partnership with OC Marathon + Half to bring clean water to people in need. For $20, you can join us at the studio from 1:30-3:30 for an afternoon
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Join us for a Taste of Fountain Valley!

We are going to attend the Taste of Fountain Valley Food and Wine Festival, and we want you to join us! Occurring on Saturday April 21st, enjoy items from dozens of eateries located all over Fountain Valley and the neighboring cities for a mere $20. During your endless tasting you will be graced with live musical entertainment. Located at Los
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5 Facts You May Not Have Known About the Great Fred Astaire

As children, Fred and sister Adele were exploited financially by their mother Johanna to move out of Omaha, Nebraska. As a result, Fred refused to take dance lessons. Fred often wore a top hat during his vaudeville performances with his sister to make him seem taller, for Adele quickly gained three inches on him. Adele was also considered the more
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How to Choose a Dance Studio

Not all dance studios are made the same, but that doesn’t necessarily mean one is greater than the other. Every studio in the world deserves commendation because they all have one thing in common: they want to share the beauty of dance with the world. That being said, not all dance students are made the same either. Dance means something