Our Method

Our Teaching Method will help you to get off the couch to Dance All You Can! Having been a part of a century-old industry, we have discovered there are three major tools needed to make you the best dancer in the shortest and most efficient way. They are:

Private Lessons

Private dance lessons are the CORE of your learning experience. Using the unique DAYC method, you will be able to:

Learn at your own learning pace
Schedule lessons based on your time and availability
Work on a program customized for you

Individual dancers or couples of all levels are welcome. To schedule your first private lesson, click here or give us a call at (714) 968-8810.

Group Classes

Group classes (check out our full schedule of classes) are a great supplement to your private lessons. They help:

Polish your newly-learned basic skills
Introduce you to different styles of ballroom dancing
Teach you the art of lead and follow

We can evaluate your skill level through an introductory private lesson (learn more) prior to attending any group class to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Practice Parties

Every Wednesday night, we turn the lights down, volume up, and hit the dance floor. This is a friendly and positive way to practice your moves before you step out into the real world. Our practice parties are FREE for all DAYC members and registered guests. Don’t worry, there is always someone to dance with!

Practice parties allow you to practice:

Everything you have been working on in your private lessons
Dancing with new people